Cycling Kyushu: Done! by Ryan Mundt


I got a good night sleep and am up by 9am. Today will be a full day on the train back to Tokyo, covering all the ground I just spent 8 days cycling. My goal is to get on the train around 10 or 11am so I can get back into the city at a decent hour.

When we go outside we see that our bikes have a layer of ash on them from sitting out.
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Cycling Kyushu: Day 8 by Ryan Mundt


Day 8: Akune to Kagoshima  |  65km

I woke up at 7am. Got out the tent and took a little walk around the campgrounds. The forecast was calling for possible rain this morning so the skies were pretty overcast…again. I also later remembered that there was an eclipse around the same time I woke up. I didn’t ever think to look up.

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